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Matt and I were together for 10 wonderful years - met in 1998, married in 2002, until his untimely death on November 15, 2008. We have two beautiful, healthy children - Jacob (born 5/04) and Sydney (born 5/07)... the most precious gifts he could have ever given me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Few more updates...

I sold our house in NY. If all goes well, the closing will be on December 15. An engaged couple is buying it, and it sounds like they really appreciate everything about the house. Matt and I were engaged when we built it. It's bittersweet - while I'm relieved that someone will be living there soon, taking care of it, enjoying all the work and love that Matt and I put into it, the thought of someone else living there is hard to get used to. Not one bit how I envisioned things would be.

Had a dishwasher installed into my new old (1928) house... The one that was in there was shot, and I got tired of doing dishes by hand. Call me spoiled, but I pretty much have always had the luxury of a dishwasher. My kitchen has been a lot neater since I got it put in - no clean/dirty dishes constantly piled on the counter and in the sink. The man who installed it had his work cut out for him - he had to break out the plaster wall behind it and some of the wood slats to get it to fit properly. Then he discovered the wiring issue, and long story short, fixed that, too. He was here for hours. During that time, we got talking... His first wife, who was eight months pregnant with their first baby, was killed in a car accident. He lost both his wife and baby when he was 20 years old.

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Crash Course Widow said...

First things first--Hooray!! Congratulations on selling!!! It's such a drain, having it hang around your consciousness, not knowing what was going to happen or when. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly and well.

I sure understand the mixed emotions about selling it, though. I had that myself when I sold "our" house 3 years ago. Ironically, my feelings about our house now are almost weirder, now that I moved back so close to it. Makes me wonder sometimes what the point was of all it...and while it did help to not live in it that 2nd or 3rd year, I find I really miss our house now. Grief is such an odd, fickle thing, huh?

Small world that you had a contractor in such similar circles of loss. When I had my blinds installed in my previous house 3 yrs ago, my verbal diarrhea started running and I ended up blabbing everything to the installer...and it turns out he was also a widower; his wife died of breast cancer. Granted, he was about 30 yrs older than me, but it felt nice to find "normal" people like me in unexpected places.

Hugs, A! Miss you!