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Matt and I were together for 10 wonderful years - met in 1998, married in 2002, until his untimely death on November 15, 2008. We have two beautiful, healthy children - Jacob (born 5/04) and Sydney (born 5/07)... the most precious gifts he could have ever given me.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Let me preface by saying that Sydney has only just turned two last month, so I haven't pushed potty training on her. I'm letting her lead on this. She's already gone pee pee on the potty several times, when she tells me she wants to go.

Last night before her bath, Sydney said "potty," so I put her on the potty and after about two minutes, lo and behold - POOP!

It's funny the things you get so excited about when you become a parent. I have to say, though - Jacob was/is just as excited as me. He's making sure to tell everyone we run into and talk to on the phone.

Sydney is talking a lot more, too - she can string several words together, like:

"I'll be right back" (with her pointer finger pointed up; sounds more like I'll be boop beck)
"No I didn't."
"I don't like."
"I love you" (sounds more like I ya you)
"Jacob, where are you?" (Jacob sounds more like Baycub)

Her vocabulary is quite extensive.

She's already recognizing some letters, too - the letters "O" and "S" so far. Maybe more, but I haven't taken the time lately to go through the magnetic letters with her. She can also count to five.

Sydney went through a stage recently where she would scream bloody murder when I'd leave her room after tucking her in for the night. After having a long talk with her one night before bed, she decided she would be a good girl and not scream before night night time anymore. =)

Occassionally I'll lay down with either Jacob or Sydney when tucking them in (usually it ends up being the last one tucked in). One time when I was laying with Sydney, I had my back to her while I started to dose off, and I felt her little hand stroking my hair so gently. What a love.

She has taken quite an interest in Jacob's two wheeler recently (which he has outgrown), and he is as anxious for her to start riding as I'm sure her daddy would have been. Jacob asked if we could get her a bike with training wheels, so we're going to go to the store on Friday and see if her little legs can reach the pedals on a two-wheeler with training wheels. I have no doubt that her big brother will take her under his wing with this endeavor...


Danielle said...

So cute! My daughter is about the same age as Sydney and is doing the same stuff. I ya you! I love that.
She hugs and kisses and says I ya you.
Aren't kids amazing.
You are too by the way!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog a while ago and have love reading your updates. You have been such an inspiration to me. I have always thought if my husband were ever to die my world would come to an end too. We have two little boys ages 1 and 3 and I cannot imagine raising them without their amazing Daddy around. And yet here you are - living and breathing and surviving, and from the sounds of it - thriving. You are giving your children as normal of a life as possible and you seem to be doing such a wonderful job.

I am so thankful for what you have taught me, and continue to remind me everytime I read your blog. I no longer take my husband for granted and try to treasure every day we have together. Occasionally when we are fighting and all I want to is go to bed and deal with it tomorrow, I think of the story you told about the last night your husband was alive, where you guys fell asleep holding hands. Every time I think of that, I reach for my husband's hand despite how pissed off we are at eachother!

So thank you, for sharing your story with us and for reminding us to live each day to the fullest. I know that sounds terribly cliche, but it is true. You sharing your story has made me a better wife and mother, and for that I am grateful.

-An admirer from the Midwest :)

The Jagow Family said...

Very cute! I came to your blog from Matt Logelin's. I also have a little girl named Sydney, she is 3.5 years old. One thing we have done with teaching her how to spell her name is we did it to the tune of M-I-C-K-E-Y, but instead we used S-Y-D-N-E-Y (of course :)). She caught on pretty quick, because it was so catchey. Just thought I would share. :) Good luck on your move to CA!!!

AndreaRenee said...

Thanks, guys! It makes me so happy to know that something good can come out of this... thank you for letting me know I'm inspiring people, and maybe even improving marriages!

What a good idea about spelling Sydney to the tune of Mickey! In fact, with Sydney's middle name, we can complete the song: S-Y-D-N-E-Y R-E-N-E-E

Shannon said...

How sweet. Sounds the same w/ Nico and Abbie. Only Nico is 4 and Abbie is only 10 months. But I see such a bond already. He is always kissing her and telling her he loves her. My heart melts when I see them sitting on the floor and Nico is reading her a book. He teaches her what all the pictures are and says, " I am your big brother and I will teach you everything Abbie!" How sweet! Nothing like watching your kids that make your life complete! I am sure Matt is watching from above. He is Very proud! You are a great mom and should be very proud of yourself!

Marla said...

Two year olds are always so adorable. They are at the stage where they are learning so much and their personalities are starting to blossom, yet they still have cute little baby faces.

Glenda said...

Jacob is such a great big brother. Sydney will always be alright having Jacob. I have a son and daughter, 3 yrs apart, and he's always been the big brother, protector. They've always enjoyed each others company and are each others best friends. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us! Praying for you and sending you hugs!

Chelsea said...

I just came across your blog and see some happy and sad similarities between us. I have a (almost) 4 1/2yr old and a 21 month old, both girls. Their Daddy, my husband and the love of my life died just over 2 months ago - which from going back bit on your blog seems about the same as your two would have been when Matt died.
My youngest is a little behind Sydney in age and vocabulary, but she has some words and I can see the beginnings of a huge progression. She also said 'Dada' for the first time on Father's Day, the two month anniversary of my husband's death.
I am terribly sorry for your loss, and at the same time encouraged to see you have survived, and as another said 'thrived'. It brings me a sense of hope, which can be tough to come by these days.

I'll keep reading. Thank you.
our story, and